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The Movement Movement

fandom + academia = OTP

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academia/fanfiction = OTP
The Movement Movement: join us and help create a literary movement of works based on other movements - social, historical, literary, ideological, meaningful!

This comm was created as a forum to bring academic things together with literary/fannish things, share the geekitude, and rejoice. Please post your Merlin fanfic that deals with the class differences, your speculations on imperialism in fantasy, what Max Weber has to say about Narnia, how anthropology-fail Temperance Brennan is sometimes, questions on worldbuilding, examinations of the nature of myth, neat quotes that should totally be writing prompts, links to these things if they already are out there, etcetera, etcetera.


1) Play nice. Don't attack someone's beliefs, and please don't take ideology on here as an attack. We're playing with ideas and history in controversial areas, but this shouldn't mean that anyone gets singled out for their opinions or beliefs. Along those same lines, don't take this stuff *too* seriously. We're here for fun times.

2) Use the LJ cut. Use it wisely. (Examples: cut large or many graphics, cut fanfic, cut lengthy text, cut mature content and warn for it.)

3) Please don't pimp outside stuff unless it's relevant. Mods reserve the right to remove your posts if we think they're spammish. That said, this is a very broad-topic community, so don't be too afraid, and when in doubt just ask :)

4)Rules are made to be broken NOT THESE RULES. All other rules. But, um, please not these.